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HIGHLight Home Model 600X

Our vision is of a world where everyone's body, mind and spirit are whole, healthy and complete. A planet where happiness readily lives and thrives. This is the high-frequency experience—the way of the cosmic vibration—or as we like to call it, “Original Grin”.

Present conditions are considerably adverse to this. Modern technologies, with all their wonderful benefits and conveniences, often include imperceptible consequences. One such detriment is the disruption of our natural energies caused by artificial frequencies and energy fields commonly referred to as "EMFs" or "Radio Frequency Interference [RFI]". Cell phones, cell towers, microwave ovens, bluetooth devices, cordless phones, power lines, computers, radio and TV broadcasts and even our own cars as we drive them, all produce chaotic fields that impinge on the ability to experience the Joy that the Loving Creator intended.

At Joyful Earth Technologies, we develop devices and technologies that counteract the adverse effects of our modern EMF laden world. Our premier offering is the:

Designed for practitioners, the HIGHLight™ 600X clears the space for optimal client care, vastly reducing the effort needed to prepare and maintain a pristine treatment room. It's also a powerful treatment partner, responding to the intentions of the practitioner by engaging angelic energies. It's like the difference between a wash basin and a washing machine, or a cutting board and a Cuisinart. With the power to clear a vast array of negative influences, balance chakras, restore Chi, repair the damage done to the energy body by EMFs and pretty much do whatever is possible with 5th dimensional access, it is an able assistant that can free the Practitioner to be far more effective at restoring a Joyful life experience to their clients, in the way an assistant cook can free a chef to pursue the creation of new culinary delights.

Also a boon for the home or office, anyone can benefit from having a HIGHLight™ 600X in their space. We never travel without one –

  • Exposure to countless cellphone towers on an extended road trip will no longer sap your energy.
  • Clears a motel/hotel room for a pristine night's sleep (my wife, who is a sensitive and a medium, was invariably disturbed by the lingering energies of previous tenants, finding sleep impossible on the first night – until we started using the HIGHLight™).

The HIGHLight™ also raises the vibration of food and water so that what we eat and drink energizes, rather than depletes us. In this modern world of off-site food production, much of the Chi in food is lost due to storage and transport. The same is true for water. Traveling through miles of pipe, down concrete troughs, and through pumping stations exacts a terrible toll on the integrity of water. The end result of HIGHLight™ use is that a space is cleared for us to feel better and live a more energized and satisfying life. Health conditions turned chronic by the onslaught of chaotic energy produced by our modern life styles, can finally heal. Many, who are sensitive to this chaos, find they can, at last, get a good night's sleep, and report feeling all together better than they have in ages.

Bottom line, this is the goal of Joyful Earth Technologies, to develop and offer technologies that elevate people and the spaces they inhabit to the highest possible vibration.

We have other technologies under development, so check back for updates or send us your email address using the Contact Us form, and we will send you updates. Fear not, we will never SPAM you or sell, or even give away, your email address.

*Formerly the Tranzzporter™